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View a library of all of the recipes and exercises you will have access to over the course of your 8 week program.

Reconditioned.me is a comprehensive online health program

Designed by a team of experts to optimise health and well-being

8 weeks $89.00, that's $1.59 a day

What you’ll get

  • 4 experts
  • 170 delicious recipes
  • 280 exercises
  • 8 guided meditations
  • Mindset coaching

8 weeks $89.00, that's $1.59 a day

Neera Scott


Cliff Harvey

PhD Nutrition

Glenn Mackintosh


Scott Gooding

Training & Fitness

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For $1.59 a day you’ll receive world class advice from doctors and specialists who are at the cutting edge of health – all designed to help you not just regain health but amplify your health. Reconditioned.me is the program to a lifetime of health. Eat right, think right and move right… recondition your health!

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