Why Reconditioned?

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View a library of all of the recipes and exercises you will have access to over the course of your 8 week program.


What do I get?

Expert mindset, nutrition and fitness advice and guidance. Each week you will build on the knowledge and tools learned in the previous week until you are equipped to be the custodian of your own health.  The Reconditioned.me team is the best in the business offering a legitimate solution to health, packaged in an 8-week program which will help you to amplify your health and optimise performance.

Each week you will receive


Psychology coaching from Glenn Mackintosh PhD to forge and establish new patterns of behaviour around adhering to a healthy lifestyle. Supporting this will be powerful mindfulness coaching, including guided meditation, from Neera Scott.


Nutrition coaching and guidance from Cliff Harvey PhD to help you understanding the WHY behind good nutrition and health. You'll be given meal plans plus access to a comprehensive directory with over 150 dishes to choose from.


Guidance and advice on the best approach to exercise by Scott Gooding. Understand the WHY behind effective training. You'll be prescribed 3 training sessions which are designed to enhance your health and complement your lifestyle, and you can do any way that suits.

Insights from industry experts

The Reconditioned.me team has been cherry-picked from industry leaders in Australia and New Zealand to ensure you’re set up for success and long-term health.

Glenn Mackintosh PhD and Neera Scott head up the mindset component of our program.  Their guidance follows sequential development, enabling you to build week-on-week on your learnings.

Cliff Harvey PhD is a world renowned nutritionist and naturopath who will explain the why behind good nutrition and health.

Scott Gooding BSc is a foodie and fitness expert who will get you in the kitchen cooking up some delicious dishes and undertaking some simple yet effective exercise workouts.

A complete mind and body health transformation

Reconditioned.me is the solution to health, we have considered all its important facets and constructed our program for you.  Health is so much more than following a few recipes and doing some workouts, it’s an approach and a lifestyle.

Good health is built with sound, clinical mindset guidance, science-backed nutritional advice supported by an extensive directory of recipes, rounded out with a program of tailored exercise workouts.

Reconditioned.me will get ‘under the hood’ and help you unlearn negative patterns of behaviour whilst simultaneously establishing positive new ones to set you up for long-term success in health.

The combination of mindset, nutrition and fitness will guarantee a total reconditioning of your health.

Recondition your mindset, approach, fitness and health!

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For less than $1.59 a day you will have: complete access to world class advice from our industry leaders, over 150 healthy food recipes, and simple effective workouts all to support you to obtain your health goals.