Why Reconditioned?

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Why Reconditioned.me?

Our program is an opportunity to not just regain your health or to lose some stubborn weight, but to enhance and amplify your health. The wealth of knowledge and expertise in the reconditioned.me team will deliver you the most effective (yet easy-to-follow) program Australia has seen for long-term health and weight management. Reconditioned.me is a legitimate solution to health backed by science.


Mindset is the tipping point to long-term health! Get your mindset right and the rest will fall into place. Our mindset component is headed by Dr Glenn Mackintosh and Neera Scott – helping you forge new pathways and patterns of behaviour, enabling a positive and empowering approach to your health.



We love food here at Reconditioned.me, for us it’s not about restrictions or counting calories but rather about embracing wholefoods and making delicious home-cooked food that tastes great! The important thing is understanding why we embrace the foods and ingredients that we do. Dr Cliff Harvey is here to explain everything in a super digestible way. Once you have the background and understanding you’ll be able to design your own healthy and delicious meals for years to come.



Our philosophy is that fitness is the ‘cherry on top’ when it comes to health. Scott has designed some simple yet effective workouts which complement the other components of the program. Every fitness level is accommodated, you can even customise your own sessions. There are 3 short sessions per week and these require little or no equipment. Each session will focus on specific areas of the body, including lower and upper body, core and conditioning. All the workouts can be performed at home, the gym or in a local park… anywhere that suits.


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