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Fitness is the cherry on top when it comes to health. By following Reconditioned.me you’ll learn that the most direct path to health is through positive mindset and good nutrition. That’s not to say that fitness doesn’t play an important and integral part… it most certainly does!  Our training is designed to complement the other aspects of the Reconditioned.me lifestyle to enhance and amplify your health.

Tailored sessions

We have designed the sessions to give you optimal value for your money. Our sessions have their roots in strength training, along with core and conditioning to ensure a metabolic affect. Each session will be a full-body workout, comprising of proven exercises for lower body, upper body and core. We pride ourselves on the simplicity of the sessions, we haven’t tried to reinvent the wheel, but rather relied on exercises that we know will get you results.

Designed to suit
your lifestyle

We have designed the sessions to fit into your life, they can be done anywhere (front room, gym, backyard) and don’t require much equipment other than an exercise mat and perhaps some weights (dumbbells).  Whether you’re a seasoned exerciser or an absolute beginner we have a program to suit. All you need to know is that the sessions are effective, short (max of around 25 minutes) and designed to complement your Reconditioned.me lifestyle. So, let’s go!

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