Why Reconditioned?

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Ever felt like you’re on a merry-go-round, never actualising your health goals? Moving from diet to diet, program to program with some success, falling short of attaining long-term health. We all know the path to health is good nutrition and training but there’s more to the equation. In a word this is… Mindset!

We take mindset very seriously and pay close attention to establishing a positive approach to your own health. Reconditioned.me will empower you with the tools and methods used to become the custodian of your own health. Your long-term health goals will be attainable.

Positive patterns

Your mindset may be holding you back from long-term health and weight management … collectively we can recondition your thinking.

The team at Reconditioned.me will map out a path to enable you to forge new and positive patterns of behaviour. These patterns are pivotal to adhering to a life of health and happiness. Our mindset coaches, Glen and Neera, will guide you over 8 weeks toward the path of long-term success.

Effective strategies

Our approach to mindset is a blend of clinical research and mindfulness coaching – these dovetail to provide a robust and effective strategy for success. It’s time to recondition your mindset, your approach, your attitude… your health!

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