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Your timeline will unlock week after week. View the dashboard to view and customise your weekly meals, exercise plan, access tips and nutrition and your
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View a library of all of the recipes and exercises you will have access to over the course of your 8 week program.


We are FOODIES at Reconditioned.me.  Our program includes over 150 easy, affordable and delicious recipes that also happen to carry a large bonus… they are healthy! Our dishes are designed first and foremost to taste good, healthy food does not have to be bland, it can be both nutritious and delicious.

The recipe for health

We have a full recipe directory for you to customise your daily/weekly meals or you may simply follow our meal plan suggestions… either way, you’ll soon be amplifying your health. Dr Cliff Harvey will guide you through the nutritional side of things.  In the safe hands of a world-leader in nutrition you will grasp the recipe for a healthy life.  Understanding the why behind good nutrition is the key to becoming the custodian of your own health.

Easy to follow

Reconditioned.me have done all the research and recipe testing for you to make your kitchen experience straightforward. All our recipes are completely free of gluten, dairy (excepting butter/ghee), refined sugar, GMO, soy and industrial oil. I’m excited for you to jump into your kitchen and cook up some delicious food!

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